Resistance Guided Therapy explained

Resistance Guided Therapy leads to smarter antibiotic use. Testing for the infection and information on antibiotic resistance at the same time results in higher cure rates.

Resistance Guided Therapy uses diagnostics to optimise treatment

Resistance Guided Therapy (RGT) relies on diagnostics that simultaneously detect the pathogens causing infection and mutations associated with antimicrobial resistance. Information on the resistance status of the pathogens guides clinicians towards suitable antimicrobial treatment.

Optimised treatment driven by Resistance Guided Therapy benefits both patient and community

RGT guides correct treatment decisions and leads to higher cure rates with expedited patient care. Overall healthcare costs are reduced with fewer clinic visits and follow up testing. The community is further benefited by reducing the spread of antibiotic resistant infections. RGT minimises unnecessary use of antibiotics, and helps to maintain the efficacy of antibiotic treatment (antibiotic stewardship).